Pool Leak Detection Tampa, FL

Leaks are expensive liabilities that only get worse, not better. You end up refilling your pool nonstop, so your water bill goes up, and that’s after the loss to evaporation and splashing. The good news is that you can prevent this by hiring our professional pool leak detection in Tampa, FL. Our detection tools help you maintain a leak-proof pool by pinpointing the problems when they’re small. We can then remove the leak without ruining your yard. You’ll see that our team members treat your pool like their own.

Our swimming pool leak repair service is available for residential and commercial customers. With our decades in business and even more years of experience, we can work with any in-ground pool anywhere. Moreover, we do so at affordable rates. If necessary, our licensed and insured business offers financing to those who need a little help getting their pool serviced. Your safety and that of your pool guests are why we’re in this field, and we’re willing to work with you to ensure a safer pool and property.

From pool installation to repair, our company handles all your inground pool needs. Whether you need regular maintenance or new parts, we can handle the job. Always leave pool repair and other services to our team of qualified professionals to protect your investment. Count on us whenever you need the following:

Why Pool Leak Repair Can’t Wait

Just like with many other disasters, leaks are easier to prevent and prepare for than to try and fix once they happen. However, with early detection, damage can be minimized and sometimes even lives can be saved. We recommend checking for leaks at least once a month for utmost security. If they’re allowed to go unchecked, they can erode your concrete and even damage your plumbing. Worse, if the main drain leaks, it can be fatally dangerous for swimmers.

We offer you a way to stop these catastrophes before they start. Call us for swimming pool leak detection today. Our experts have identified plenty of leaks before and know how to handle them. Some signs that we often—and you should—watch for include:

  • Water being lost frequently and quickly
  • Algae persisting despite chemical treatment
  • Bubbles in the pump​


  • Cracks in the pool or on the deck
  • Loose or dislodged tiles
  • Surrounding ground is always wet with uneven grass


We Preserve Your Pool and Property

Pool leak detection is as much a long-term investment as your pool is—because it helps the latter to have a long life. You’ve likely invested a lot in your pool and your yard, and the worse a leak gets the more damage it can do to both. Should the damage become extensive enough, you could be forced to replace your pool and have major renovations done to the area around it. Bringing our team in ahead of time saves you the trouble.

Contact to protect your pool and property from leaks. We service the pools in Tampa, Riverview, Brandon, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, Florida, and the nearby communities.

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